Friday, November 19, 2010

SkyWatch Friday - Dolphin In The Sky

Andy | Friday, November 19, 2010 | Best Blogger Tips

I was out photographing fall colours. I never notice the Dolphin in the sky until I viewed on my computer screen. I'm linking to SkyWatch Friday


  1. Oh, I love your dolphin in the sky! Amazing what we find sometimes when we take the time to pause and look up!! Terrific capture! Hope you have a great weekend, Andy!


  2. More like a whale to me. ;)
    It's too big! Ha ha

  3. I too often find things in a photo I was not aware of when taking it... usually something I'd rather not be there, but sometimes a fun surprise, like your dolphin cloud. [I'd have thought the airport song now would be, "Don't Touch Me There..." - it's just a line in an old song in my head, but I can't tell you the title or anything else... :-D ]

  4. Nicely done! I love cloud watching, and a surprise after.

    My Skies !

  5. Dolphin--could be. Looks like an aligator to me. MB

  6. Oh, it surely is!! Great shot, Andy! ~karen


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