Monday, November 28, 2011

Behind The Camera - On The Bay

Andy | Monday, November 28, 2011 | Best Blogger Tips

I'm a early bird. If the weather is okay I'll usually go walking in the morning for exercise.
Of course, I always take my camera along. I live near Frenchman's Bay, located on Lake Ontario. Normally the bay mostly has Canada Geese on it. This is the time of year when that changes and different kinds of birds stopover on their journey south for the winter. On this first photo the skies were overcast and I thought the day was going to be a cloudy one.


Suddenly the sun broke through a small opening in the clouds and the whole scene change to a more golden colour. I made some changes to my camera settings. The first thing I did was change over to manual with a f10 aperture. I then pointed the camera to sky on the right side of the sun for my exposure setting. In order to get the sun into the photo I had to point my camera to a different scene from the one above.
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  1. Great shooting Andy. It pays to have your camera with you even early in the morning . This is the proof.

  2. Hi, Andy. I guess I don't get around to your blog as much as I'd like. Fine photos; I really have to drop in more often. I'll try adding you to my list!

  3. the early bird.....

    gorgeous pictures. i have been sleeping in lately, missing all this!!

  4. Wow, what a dramatic difference. That second shot is gorgeous. I'm so glad you shared how you did it, too!

  5. What a pleasant surprise - and you were ready!

  6. Beuatiful Post and Photos! Love your shots.Thanks for visting my blog,hope to see ya again.JoAnn


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