Friday, March 23, 2012

Roll Up The Rim

Andy | Friday, March 23, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

This is for the people that viewed my "Roll UP The Rim" posting of last Wednesday and wanted to see a coffee cup with the rim rolled up. On this cup "Please Play Again" means I'm loser. In the past I have won free coffees or donuts. The price will vary considerably by location, franchise, and country. Tim Hortons has franchise locations in the USA, although some were discontinued in New England in 2010. I normally purchase a Medium 14 oz. for $1.50 Canadian.


  1. Thank you Andy for this solution. Now I know what you mean by rolling up the rim. No price yet?

  2. I got up early this morning (for me) and haven't had coffee yet, Andy. I did a doubletake because I thought you rolled up the rim and it said "Please pay again"!!
    We're heading south tomorrow, so no more Tim's. Maybe we should get two large Timmies to go, and drink them while we drive to Calgary, just to reinforce our Canadianness for our Tim-free weeks in California and Mexico. LOL

  3. Better luck next time...enjoy your coffee!


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