Saturday, May 14, 2016

Freight Train

Andy | Saturday, May 14, 2016 | Best Blogger Tips
They say you can judge how well the economy is doing by the number of freight trains one sees.


  1. I know a guy who counts the trucks going under a certain bridge. He says exactly the same and has it since 15 years with a remarkable accurate outcome.

  2. When we were in Canada in 2012 we were amazed by the length of these freight trains. It's something I remember very well.

  3. Another superb composition, Andy. I hope you're wrong about the economy thing, as I almost never see a freight train. I see long lines of 18-wheelers rolling down our freeways, though! I'd much rather have the trains!

  4. I guess that would be true.
    We don't have many at all. Trucks mostly carry freight.

  5. oooh that is true!! a beautiful image with a great perspective!!!!

  6. That is probably very true. I see them rolling in and out around here too.

  7. I like the sense of distance in this shot, Andy.

  8. We're on a double tracked mainline--- used by both the BN&SF and the UP. Normally 3 or so long freights per hour. Like the shot, Andy.

  9. Our economy must be good then Andy since I see so many long trains going by here!

  10. Keep those big wheels rollin', rollin', rollin'.

  11. The trains from the mines here in Australia - States of Qld, SA, WA and NSW are sometimes
    well over 2 miles long with 6 or more engines involved.
    Incredible to see, here in Brisbane the freight trains are taking and collecting containers
    from the Port of Brisbane - and holy hell are they NOISY - took me ages to get use to them
    labouring past as they climb a small incline.
    In the Hunter Valley area of NSW were there are coal mines, they are non-stop virtually 24/7.
    The freight trains that go across the Nullabor from Adelaide to Perth have to be seen to be
    believed. So long!
    Plus freight trains get precedence over the long distance passenger trains on the one rail
    Road freighters are used where the railways have been closed - these are a road hazard.
    I prefer the freight to stick to the rails.

  12. We're not near any functioning rail lines. We're measuring the economy by the number of new houses going up, which is a lot compared to other recent years.

  13. It is a very long train with all kind of different pieces.


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