Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Bridges - Reflection

Andy | Sunday, August 14, 2011 | Best Blogger Tips

A small pedestrian bridge. Access for vehicles is permitted only to work crews. 
I'm linking to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.


  1. Love pedestrian bridges, wish there were more of them around here. (On either coast actually.) Scrolled down to the funny sign (b/c I am behind on reading).... squirrel, egret and cloudy stormy day all could be here in Oregon. (Except your pictures are better!). We just need this bridge!

  2. Love your pictures and the diversity of them. I also have lot's. Difficult is to pick the best of it. Keep them coming.

  3. that reflection is just like a mirror...perfect and beautiful image!

  4. This looks like it is at a marina. I love bridges at marinas. I can lean on the railings and stare out to the lovely boats and daydream...

  5. That's a beauty of a reflection.. lovely shot.


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