Sunday, October 02, 2016

Wesley Methodist Church 1873

Andy | Sunday, October 02, 2016 | Best Blogger Tips
Beautiful is the large church, 
With stately arch and steeple;
Neighbourly is the small church,
With groups of friendly people;
Reverent is the old church,
With centuries of grace;
And a wooden church or a stone church,
Can hold an alter place.
And whether it be a rich church Or a poor church anywhere,
Truly it is a great church If God is worshiped there. unknown


  1. Indeed it is the thought that count and not the building.

  2. This is a graceful, simple church that looks like a restful and quiet place to reflect.

  3. The church, theologians remind us, is not a building, but people committed to a religious philosophy or approach to life. Nevertheless, a church building helps hold these people together. And it there are no rules as to what kind of building it must be. Personally, I'm not concerned with any of this and thus would much prefer a grand European cathedral. [And I don't know why I wrote all that stuff but can't help myself sometimes. I'll leave now. 🚶🏽]

  4. Simple, austere, and unpretentious. Works for me!

  5. Such a lovely little church. It looks quite well cared-for.


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