Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Rob Ford

Andy | Wednesday, November 06, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

Since the Mayor Of Toronto has gone viral world wide with his latest round of excitement,
I thought I would post this mural I photographed last August 28.


  1. Is it normal that you find a portrait of the mayor in a garbage corner ?

    1. I was done at the owner's request. I assume he's not a fan.

  2. Replies
    1. In the mural is colourful but the trouble with Rob Ford is that he colourful in the wrong way.

  3. Appropriate that his photo is flanked by garbage cans?

  4. I'm not from Canada so I have no idea about this person, but I do think it's a nice piece of art!

  5. I've shot this one before too but never posted it. I saw it again on Sunday and it is still surrounded by garbage! Suitable.

  6. Yes sorry he is trash and he should be thrown in for trash. He thinks he does not need help. Look what money does for you. Great example of a Mayor for Toronto.

    He is a lier. Does he deserve a second chance. Well Yes, if he goes for rehab for drugs and booze and also for anger management. Boy he needs that

    but all three would make him lash out. He says. I have done nothing wrong. Ya you did Ford. Your an overseer for Toronto as a Mayor. You coached a football team. Yet you walk around half corked . . Is that good leadership. I dont think so.

    He denies he does not need help. Well Toronto says. That is the way you must go. Other wise take a hike. Our Chief Police said that Ford is a big dissapointment. For sure. That mural is perfect. He always has that smurk on his face. How close to the trash can can you get. This picture speaks mounts of words.

  7. I had a layover in the Toronto airport the day police announced they had "the video." What a media feeding frenzy! It looks like another overstuffed ego is living in La La Land. (I waved to you from the plane as I came and went. Was that you blinking the lights?)


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