Sunday, November 24, 2013

Window Cleaner

Andy | Sunday, November 24, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

I saw this guy lowering himself down the side of the building and I thought for sure he was going to land on someone.
He made a perfect landing with zero casualties.


Then he spotted me and gave me the look.


  1. I get dizzy even by the thought of doing his job.

  2. Have you asked for an email address so you could send him his photo's. I bet he doesn't have much pictures of him at work. Nice ones Andy.

    1. Street photography is something I started to do over the summer. I'm still learning what I can get away with without a rant from someone. I am beginning to learn that I can get away with a lot. I'll keep your advice in mind.

  3. It looks like he has lots of safety features to help him while he's doing his job. Hope he stays safe!

  4. That is like urban mountain climbing, he has certainly no acrophobia.

  5. Very nice. I like the second one very much Andy.

  6. Grace's comment made me laugh. I've seen that look too! He has a job I wouldn't want.

  7. oh he probably thinks your a reporter . I mean when my hubby was in charge of a Condo he had to make sure the guys had all the bells and whistles to clean our building. If not ehy were not going to do any windows.

    One day my hubby found the first bunch up on the roof not nay equipment as this guy has so they were fired on the spot.

    My hubby managed a Condo before he retired. He did the hiring and fireing. So ya that look is the look hubby got. He is a look of hmmm
    have I done something wrong.

    Oh great Andy you on the street but be safe. You seen on the Tv now Andy.

    Gangs will go behind you and knee your back of legs and you will go down. A young teen of 12 have died and an old senior.

    It is teen gangs. They are cold blodded and do not care what they do to anyone.

    It was all shown on Youtube and they say it is hitting all over now.

    They come behind you. You will see a group just walking and then the middle guy will walk out to the nearest one walking on the street for an example you and your camer. Knee him from behind. Down you go as you would never ever expect that.
    The person falls and hits the side walk face down or a post .Hhe is down and most cases have to have face construction. The teens run. In England they have video camera everywhere because of all this.
    They are going to have to do this soon to Toronto . Mark my word.
    Be safe my friend.

  8. I've watched these workers on Chicago buildings. Amazing. Don't think they could pay me enough to do this. Great photos.

  9. A dangerous job for sure. I have seen that look before.

  10. I am still very tentative about street photography. I can feel comfortable enough in a large crowd with a long lens because nobody really knows where you're focusing anyway. But more pointed images such as this one - I don't usually have enough guts for that. Hopefully, I will eventually.

  11. Was it something like You B****** I think it is well captured

  12. Oh, a new term! "Urban mountain climbing." A perfect description!

    I'll do as much as possible to avoid getting into someone's face with my camera, including that innocent "Oh, gee. You got into my shot. No problem." I also have cards with my blog address on them. It adds a small measure of credibility and allows people to check it out if it gets to the point of giving me consent.

  13. Ah, yes this is why I find it hard to photograph people:) Nimble window cleaner.

  14. That's tough work!

    I can understand why someone would give you "the look" for taking their photograph. I wouldn't want someone posting my photo on the web without my consent. :(


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