Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Bikes

Andy | Monday, September 16, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

This one is for the kids.


  1. Somebody did a real paint job here. Bad that the front tyre run off . It looks now locked to the column. Nice object for a photo. Thanks for showing Andy.

  2. Nice - I've seen plenty of painted bicycles but never a tricycle!

  3. What do you mean Andy..that's just my size :))

  4. When we had our first Grandchild . My hubby got so excited. We bought her a tricycle like this in pink.

    My daughter said. Mom and dad she is only a month old. We said we know. Better early. Well have to laugh.

    When she did ride it. Her Dadddy had to put blocks on the pedals it still was too big. We were in Guelph,

    Ontario.This was a moving sale and it was bran new.

    So thanks for memories Andy with this picture. She now is 19. She says. I remember that . I loved it.

    We have lotts of pictures of her on it.

  5. I'm one at heart, I wish I could still fit in one of these! Nice violet find.

  6. This really catches the eye. A fun bike!

  7. Well photographed, but there is a sadness here of a toy without a child. The front wheel is broken and it is permanently tired to the column, so it can't move. Where did the child go?

  8. This is about as cute as they come. Great find!


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