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There used to be a time when people sewed all the holes in
things and darned socks, but nobody mends things anymore.

Well, almost nobody.


  1. I always love the colors of the fabric used for needlework. Great one Andy. I have the feeling that you are photographing the last weeks on another level with a more carful approach but who am I.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I have had to make some trips into Toronto. With time to kill on these trips I took my camera and walked the city streets. Perhaps you are not used to me photographing cityscapes. I also have been using my wide-angle lens which makes me think outside of the box.

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    1. It was the colours that attracted me in the first place. Then the seamstress came and sat down and added an extra bonus in the photo.

  3. Great composition with the thread colors!

  4. You are so right that we rarely see a true seamstress these days!

    In «Louis'» experience, when he does see one, she is (as is the case with the one you show), Asian.
    Your photo reminds «Louis» of just such a shop in Oakland's Chinatown.

  5. I have one skirt that I just love and when a seam came loose I found a taylor and had it fixed. That was about 5 years ago and I still have that skirt.

  6. Such a colourful place to work. I came across a place the other day that could fix and adjust garments while you wait. The make do and mend culture is hopefully going to be back in vogue!

    Thanks for popping by my blog Andy (replying on here as I noticed you are no reply blogger). I also hate the sun glare on photos, but this particular one captured the constant change of colours in the sunset. It was a perfect end to summer.

    Have a great week!

  7. You have captured a way of life we seldom see these days. I still darn with my mother's old wooden darning thingy, and I mend everything. I LOVE this shot. I need it hanging over my sewing machine :-) genie

  8. Love the colors of the threads. Nice capture! Some years ago in California I went a couple of times to someone who did reweaving - fixing holes (like moth holes) in knitted fabrics. They did magnificent work. Then they retired with no one to replace them. I guess people are more accustomed to cheap clothes - and throwing things away. Too bad.


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