Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday Bikes On Tuesday - Curbside

Andy | Tuesday, January 28, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

For sale on the sidewalk outside of Curbside Cycle.
PS: I usually post this on Monday but I bumped it so I could post the the snow that fell overnight on Sunday into Monday morning.


  1. Resembles any sidewalk somewhere in Netherlands.

  2. The weather in your post today is far more pleasant than the one yesterday!

  3. I have a bike shop in town that wheels outside around a hundred bicycles for display each morning (plus to make room to get inside the store) then wheels them all back inside at the end of the day. It must take them a half an hour to do this.

  4. You were really in my hood for this one, Andy! ;-)

  5. I like how you've got everything in focus in this picture, apart from of course the two ladies walking down the street. nice!


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