Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ABC Wednesday Letter "V" - Vacant

Andy | Wednesday, December 16, 2009 | Best Blogger Tips

Vacant and boarded up house on the propose airport lands in Pickering, Ontario.
What else does V stand for? Find out at ABC Wednesday


  1. what a waste - can they not move the house to another site?

  2. Hey Gerald, what can you expect?
    The land is owned by the federal government of Canada. The land was expropriated in the 1970's. Since then the land and house have been rented. Recently the government has started evictions. There must be hundreds of houses like this one.

  3. How sad that this beautiful house is vacant. Wonderful V post.

  4. What a beautiful house and what a shame it has to make way for some airport or other!

  5. What a lovely house - I'd like it! It looks as if it might have some land with it too!

  6. Jay... The majority of the land in this are is farming country. It will remain that way until the politicians get their hands on it.


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