Saturday, January 14, 2012

Camera Critters - L 13

Andy | Saturday, January 14, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

I had to lean over the railing to get this top view of L 13. I'm linking to Camera Critters


  1. Is this a living swan. I should think a ring around a leg is all trouble enough.

  2. S.C., it is alive and well. Since swans are in the water most of the time I would assume that a leg ring would be difficult to spot. This has been a mild winter and I have never seen so many swans staying here rather than flying further south.

  3. Nice shot, interesting that he/she has a number -looks like a young one though as its still got some of its Cygnet speckles on its head. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Always enjoy photos of swans, this is a lovely photo.

  5. When I was in Ontario in 2010, I saw Swan No. H24 happily swimming in a private pond with mallards and Canada Geese. H24's mate (I think) was nesting on a small island out in the pond.
    You're right about the wing numbers, although I admit they surprised me at first, but of course leg rings would seldom be seen as swans don't get out of the water and trot around on land like the ducks and geese do.
    Nice overhead shot, Andy.


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