Friday, July 06, 2012

Frenchman's Bay To Lake Ontario

Andy | Friday, July 06, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

I couldn't make up my mind which shot to post. With Frenchman's Bay behind me and Lake Ontario in front, this is a shot of the exit (entrance) to the lake. This is the long view.


This is the second view of the same scene. The only difference is that this is the zoomed in view.


  1. And the composition of number 2 is more on the 2/3 rule. I think it is a more pleasant view but of course that is up to you.

  2. I like the way you centered these. The rocks are attractive and the bit of greenery on the middle is a nice touch. On the close up you see our never ending Canadian Geese on the far left too!

  3. I think I like the long view the best but they are both lovely!

  4. You give the optical illusion that the water just drops off into never-never land. Such a misty feeling and those rocks...they are amazing. genie

  5. I like both but somehow the first gives a better feeling of distance for me anyway. Great shots.

  6. I'm more of a zoom person so I love the second...I recently had this dilemma with two different exposure's favorite was not the choice of my readers ;) They are both great shots however!!!


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