Monday, August 13, 2012

Mini Construction Boom

Andy | Monday, August 13, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

The latest construction project in the City Of Pickering is taking place at the Go Transit train and bus station. The project involves the construction of a new multi-level parking structure that will accommodate an additional 1500 new parking spaces, with access to the new bridge across Hwy 401 as well as a covered walkway to the station. The projected completion date is late 2013.


  1. It's always nice to see a city at work improving things. And I do envy your public transportation which is sorely lacking in these parts!

  2. and so what are your thoughts on this 'progress'? I am always curious.

    1. My thoughts are that by offering free and more parking Go Transit is taking customers away from local public transit. The strange part is that outside of the City of Toronto Go transit subsidies the bus companies to transport anyone travelling to the trains with a lower bus fare.

  3. I wonder if we will ever have enough parking.

  4. Minneapolis has discovered that neighborhoods with light rail transportation will increase in economic growth. Finding places to park cars in a city is an increasing difficult problem. I love any photo that features not one, but two cranes.

  5. So, qill the roads be less crowded between Pickering and Toronto?


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