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His real name Mark Zilio... also known as Peter Parkour. Mark is a street busker that can mostly be found in the downtown core of The City Of Toronto. A former dance instructor from Guelph, Ontario he has been performing in Toronto as a licensed busker for four years. His claim to fame came last November when he assisted a security guard restrain a woman accused of shoplifting. “She was very squirmy, squiggled her way out,” Mark said. “I was working on the sidewalk. I never want to become involved in these kinds of things. I'm not trained to handle someone while they're hostile or needing to be held down, but I do know how to work around people with my open hands.”


  1. Spider Man was on the crime fighting job, as he should be. What a great shot.

  2. I'd be a little claustrophobic in that mask!
    Btw, I can't believe that the word busker has escaped me all of my almost 60 years. Ha! Thank you and

  3. Well...ok. I wonder what kind of busking he does in a Spider-Man outfit.

  4. That is cool to have a real Spiderman at hand!

  5. You have seen a real Spideman ... Great.


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