Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Behind The Camera - Fall Colours

Andy | Tuesday, October 18, 2011 | Best Blogger Tips
I'm not much on words, so this is a short story. I was out looking at the trees for fall colours to photograph. I wasn't seeing anything worth while until I realized I was walking on the best colours. Take a look at the maple leaf in the lower right hand corner. It has tar like spots on it. This is caused by a fungus. Symptoms develop late in the growing season, and the overall health of trees is usually not affected. To reduce the amount of diseases, rake up fallen leaves in the autumn and destroy or remove them from the yard.
I am linking to Tammy's Behind The Camera.


  1. I hate to see those spots on tree leaves but I'm afraid that's a fungus that's very difficult to get rid of if your neighbours' trees have it too. ;(

  2. I hope you know how fortunate you are to live in a place that has colors like these. This beautiful photo makes me want to move back East. :)

  3. I can hear them crunching under your feet :)

    Sorry I have been slow to visit, was out of town for a nursing conference and just returned. Thanks so much for joining in with behind the camera!

  4. so pretty...on the tree, on the ground, it matters not!! i like this perspective!!


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