Monday, October 31, 2011

Behind The Camera - Sunrise

Andy | Monday, October 31, 2011 | Best Blogger Tips

I have been wanting to go to this spot for a long time. I always thought it would be a good place to photograph the sun rising on Lake Ontario. With it still dark at 7 A.M. I drove for 15 minutes to get there. The temperature on this morning was only 1 degree celsius. I was warm except for my hands. When I arrived the sun was still below horizon. There were a few joggers and people walking their dogs. As it turned out it was a good day for photographing the sun comming up. I'm linking to Behind The Camera.


  1. It was worth the cold hands to get this shot!

  2. Just tooooo pretty. The perfect shot. Thanks for bring to help me. I will work on it at school...keep our fingers crossed I can do it. I am getting so frustrated. Yes, it was that blade that caught my eyes immediately. Living in an old 100+ year old farmhouse, we heated with wood stoves for years. Geeze...were they a pain and so messy. That sign was one that really pulled on the old heartstrings, and I LOVED the choi
    ce of lettering and colors. Happy Halloween. I am off to school with middle school kids in costume. Trust me, I will have lots pin the suspensions today. UGH! genie

  3. A six sided star! Very nice. Well worth getting up in the cold for.

    I removed the extra thumbnail - it happens, no worries :)

    Thanks for sharing today.

  4. I have been on this trail before. You are a brave man to get up so early! Love the sun peeking out. Great shot. :)

  5. this is a beauitful shot!!

    i love the photo of you (it reflects how i feel all the time) and the name of your blog, excellent!!

    i was wondering how you found me, isn't tammy wonderful!!

  6. Hello

    Beautiful photo.
    Nature provides us with beautiful moments!

    André Tavares.


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