Sunday, September 02, 2012

War Of 1812

Andy | Sunday, September 02, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

On the 200 th anniversary of the War Of 1812 it's been a year of reenactments and displays in Canada and the United States.. I came across this gentleman on the Canadian side of Lake Erie. The weapon he is holding is a blunderbuss. It could be considered an early version of the shotgun.


  1. Great portrait! But I'd trade that blunderbuss for the shooting instrument hanging around the other guy's neck!

    Re your question: Yes, I was stopped by some rent-a-cop who saw me taking pics in our local mall. He came stumbling over to me with a brochure and crying, "No pictures, no pictures!"

    I asked him why not and he handed me a brochure put out by the American Gestapo (Homeland Security). I guess "they" figure Islamic terrorists can't wait to get photos of our little mall in order to figure out how to blow it up.

    Welcome to the land of Big Brother where your cell phone tells the feds everything they want to know.

  2. Oh, one other thing. I still take pictures all the time unless I see a rent-a-cop hanging around. Then I take pictures from behind posts, etc.

  3. What war are you referring to ? Something Napoleontic ?

  4. In 1812 England was at war with Napoleon. The USA invaded Canada in 1812. The war lasted two years with no winners at the end.

  5. Nice fellow with his fancy gun...Nice to learn of the anniversary. Bud is the history man and not moi. I have had it with the CAPTCHA horror. Some of the pictures are so beautiful, but I am calling it quits. 22 times on the one I counted just for the heck of it. And what does it all accomplish other than running us all away. genie

  6. You may have noticed on my sidebar that I have a thing for a man in a great hat. So, no need telling you how I feel about this one. I would have been in hog heaven adding this to my slideshow.


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