Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Old Dead Tree

Andy | Wednesday, June 15, 2016 | Best Blogger Tips
The old dead tree stood 
gnarled weather torn;
its limbs were now brittle.
What stories could it tell
of the centuries it had lived,
the passing lives it had seen,
and the storms it had weathered
when it was young and strong.
When its foliage was green
and gave shelter from the rain.
Now it stands bare and broken,
a sorry sight to be seen.
It must have been beautiful
when it was young
with its canopy of green,
and a nesting place for little birds
among its evergreen.
Now they only used it
as a resting place whenever they pass by.
The old dead tree,
which had seen so much life.
- David Harris
Today is Nature Photography Day.Created by The North American Nature Photography Association in 2006 to promote the beauty of nature photography and to promote the conservation and protection of plants, wildlife, and landscapes locally and worldwide.


  1. I was not aware this is Nature Photography Day, thank you. That lovely old tree has been a shelter to millions of critters.

  2. Old, dead trees do serve a living forest, but this one might not be standing for long. Fine character for your photo.

  3. A beautiful "nature" shot and a wonderful poem too! I'm glad to see you are celebrating the day!

  4. And yet it no doubt provides shelter from time to time for one critter or another.

  5. Beautiful. This reminds me of the forests of my childhood.

  6. it's a nice home to a critter! don't stick your hand in there!

  7. Lovely old tree and nice piece of poetry there.

  8. Great poem with a beautiful compagnon Andy.

  9. A beautiful photo, amazing it is still there, watch out when coming closer....

  10. dead...but still standing!!! i like the poem!!

  11. It is both a fine photograph and a fine poem, Andy. I never heard about that special day.


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