Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sunday Bridges - Railway

Andy | Saturday, December 11, 2010 | Best Blogger Tips

Crossing over fast running water at Bala, Ontario.
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  1. I can hear the rushing water, how lovely!

  2. Indeed! That water is moving right along!

    A fine contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  3. Did you do white water rafting in the river?

    Re: My little bridge: In fact all three of us missed the sign, It was at a little short pole at the right of the bridge. I saw it only because I was looking around to look for places to take my photos.

    There are supposed to have lots of critters, including tiny penguins, but we didn't see any. We went for adventure.

  4. White water rafting is not possible. It's only a short chute of about 300 meters. It's also a dangerous water way with lot of hidden rocks.


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