Monday, May 21, 2012

Man In The Kayak

Andy | Monday, May 21, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

I was out exploring the north end of the bay when I spotted this sight on the water. When he got close to me we had an interesting conversation.


Comparing our notes on what wildlife we had seen in the area both of us discovered that we had seen creatures that the other hadn't. This is Jason and I have the feeling I'll be seeing more of him.


  1. It looks like Jason is tucked in well. I would be afraid to get out the boat with that on.

  2. I like the simplicity of that first shot. It says it all.

  3. A very nice way to get some peace and solitude.

  4. Jason and his kayak seem to fit like two peas in a pod. This is such cool portrait of your friend. Hope you all go on to find lots of new things together. It sure looks nice out there. genie

  5. Andy, when you have a camera in hand, you can meet the nicest people. I hope that you will share more adventures with Jason.


  6. Great photos, but also it sounds like a meeting of like minds.


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