Friday, July 12, 2013


Andy | Friday, July 12, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

If things get out of hand, I am hoping that Batman near by.


  1. Nice picture for a riddle. Find the word what it means.

  2. Cute! Did you set that hat there? Batman has left the building!

    1. No setup Lowell. I was very surprise to see the hat there.

  3. Love this Andy.

    Brings smiles. My son is Andrew then others gave him Andy but now friends nick name him Drew.

    I am still on holidays but like to drop in and see what you have for show and tell. Using sons computer while they are away.

  4. Apparel for the curious.

    Re: Yarn bombing - A perfect pastime for Canadian knitters! Really. You've so many trees that could benefit from a little extra attention and it's a fine amusement for a knitter's long winter nights. Do you know any yarnheads who need an extra creative outlet?

  5. You do live in an interesting area! I never have been sure where Gotham City is...I hope it is in your neighborhood if you need a rescue from the evil Riddler.


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