Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friend Or Foe?

Andy | Saturday, March 31, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

I'm told that this plant is an invasive species. I see it growing in and around shallow waterways. This photo was taken a few days ago. So that makes it last years growth. Normally in the growing season the grass is a green colour.


If you know anything about this tall grass like plant please leave a comment.


  1. Had no idea it was evasive. I've seen it, but don't know what it's called.


    Common weed grows beside and in water when the depth is more than 2 meters they can't grow.

  3. It's called common reed or Phragmites. It's very invasive, multiplying both by seed and by runners, which can spread very quickly, as much as 5 metres a year.

  4. I think the official name is "wheatie grassie thingie". At least that's what I call it! ;)

  5. PS: Have you ever heard of kudzu? It was imported to the US some time ago and has become a real problem in the south. It can grow something like 10 meters in one day under warm, humid conditions. It has taken over a lot of land. You can see some pictures of it here:

    1. There's something like that here in Ontario. I have notice for about a decade.

  6. You see it here a lot in NZ On walks we often get the prickly bits of the latter in our socks.

  7. Phragmites, according to my son who works at wetland restoration and invasive species removal. When I asked him, he said "It's crap, but It's kind of cool" I see alot of it here too. I like it this time of year when it is brown :)

  8. Phragmites have been around the mid Atlantic area for decades. Absolutely chokes out the wetlands.

  9. sorry! i dont know anything... that is my comment.. ;) hope that was allowed


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