Thursday, March 29, 2012

Train Power

Andy | Thursday, March 29, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

I was just going to walk across the tracks when the arms dropped, the bells sounded and the flashing lights came on. I actual heard the train whistle before all this happened. Originally I had plans to take a self photo of me standing on the tracks. I have a 365 project that requires me to take my photo every day for one year. This would have been number 299. After the train passed I changed my mind about standing on the tracks. You can see the results below.


The train went by at 80 KPH. That helped me change my mind about where to stand.


  1. Nice shot Andy. Was it a commuter or a freight train?

  2. S.C this is strictly a freight line. The freight cars you see in the photo are for carrying automobiles.

  3. Good decision my friend. I am taking part in the !-a-Week Selfies this year and it is killing me. I am not as creative as so many others are. Still, I am up to week #13.The movement you captured in that train is awesome...and when I blew it up I almost flipped. Amazing. I need to learn how to to the enlarging thing. I have tried and tried the mouse over and finally gave up. Now I ned to try the enlargement thing. Super duper post. genie

  4. Good decision Andy. It would have been a shame if 299 was the last self-portrait. :-)

  5. I am glad you didn't stand on the tracks, that could have been your last photo. I prefer to see you alive.

  6. Nice photo of you in living colour, Andy, emphasis on the living!


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