Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Andy | Tuesday, June 10, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

This man is truly a giant and must be over seven feet tall. The first time I saw the gent I wanted to photograph him but I was still working on my shyness of street photograph. Lucky for me I spotted him later and said to myself it's now or never.


  1. But he for sure liked polished shoes as I do.

  2. It's hard to find clothes that fit when you are that tall. I know this because my husband is six foot five.

  3. Whoa. You captured his height so well. What a view he has!

  4. He does stand out. and is the most well-dressed on the street.

  5. Oh Andy
    At Minus Andy around your area. My son and hubby many years ago seen that guy who played in James Bond.
    The one who wore the braces on his teeth. Oh was he tall too. So seeing this tall man you took brought back memories of that famous actor.

  6. He surely is very tall, you can also see it at his feet. I walked recently behind a young american couple in Amsterdam and the first thing a noticed were the huge feet of the boy, his lenght was also very tall.


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