Friday, April 20, 2012


Andy | Friday, April 20, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

I spotted this guy at the garden nursery hiding under a shelf.


  1. I hope he/she is satisfied with such hiding place. Nice shot.

    1. S.C, there is more than one cat at the nursery. They are like royal family and go where ever they want.

  2. Well, this looks to be a happy kitty. Our is afraid of all people and will NOT go outside ever. The night the police were making people evacuate their homes, Bud and I had to get Trouble and get him into a cat carrier. We never would have found him if the door bell had rung. Bud and I drove around the area of the Rich Hole Fire yesterday, and it was really spooky. Even after a day and night of rain, it was still smoldering and the smoke continued to rise. All the ground cover was carried and black and the bottoms of the trees (where we were), and oddly enough the dogwoods and laurel still had their blooms on them. That really blew my mind. Am gonna post the pictures from last night. The officials have a 6 foot-20 year old man and his blue van in custody and are looking for a second. We are back to normal and so thankful we were able to dodge a very hot and possibly destructive bullet to the old house. genie

  3. Shop pets are very popular here. Perfect place for a cat. They like to be high and hidden.


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