Monday, October 01, 2012

Ladies In Masks

Andy | Monday, October 01, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

I met these two young ladies in the Town Of Bowmanville. It was the noise they were making that got my attention as they walked along the sidewalk. They had a megaphone and a air horn that they were not afraid to use. They where selling tickets to a stage show. The money collected from the sale of the tickets would go towards a project to improve the fish ladder in Bowmanville Creek. I talked to them for a few minutes and when I asked if I could take their photo I was surprised at how eager they were to pose for my camera.


  1. Yep, they sure do look happy to be photographed. ;)

  2. A worthy cause!! They posed so perfectly ;)

  3. I've walked past that creek every day for the past few weeks and watch the fish transfer. They'll start construction soon. I imagine this was for the Cirque de Soleil performance at the zoo?

    1. That's correct Hilary. The tickets where $65.00 each. I didn't buy any but the ladies were still nice to even though I said no.

  4. Perfect pose! Did you buy a ticket?

  5. Only because they have masks on, it would be a different storey if they didn't! :D
    Nice photo Andy.

  6. They look so happy! A great picture. (I always feel shy asking people to pose for photos, but have been surprised by how obliging and enthused people can be :)


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