Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winter Storage Service

Andy | Thursday, October 25, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

At Whitby Harbour this is how they move the big ones onto land for winter storage. It's fresh water, therefore it freezes over in the winter. The pressure washer on the right is used to clean hull. They must make sure the zebra mussels are cleaned off.


Sitting at dockside a short distance away is Durham Region's police boat. I'm not sure when it is placed into storage but I would think it would be one of the last ones taken out.


  1. Thank goodness we don't have to do this here ;)..I tried to comment on the last photo but a Malaware warning kept coming up on both sites ???

    1. I'm aware of the problem and I believe it's a false alarm. I informed Google and it seems to have cleared.

  2. Great shots, the police boat is very interesting. All modern and boxy looking, and a little sinister.

  3. The second picture looks like the bats in Harbour at Kingston from our Hotel.

    Beautiful those boats.

    The first shot is here in Haliburton a couple of miles out of town where some

    friends have the boat put away till next summer.

    Beautiful shots Andy.

  4. Thankfully our climate on the coast is mild enough we don't have to worry about ice on the lakes, which makes for year-round boating if you're so inclined. It does get cool-ish in January.

  5. Boat: a hole in the water into which you pour lots and lots of money.

  6. I like to watch how boats are moved on a marina. Requires skill at the hands of the movers.

  7. Andy, it is about time for you to get your boat into dry dock for the winter. Fine photos.

  8. We see these lifts in Florida ...when the yachts get stored away for summer though ( hurricane season). We store ours too, but we can move it our owns elves...that must be why we have a small boat! Sure..otherwise we'd own a yacht..yeah right,


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