Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Signs, Signs - Cupcake

Andy | Wednesday, October 31, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

Hey, Cupcake is a unique cupcake, cookie and cake design company in London, Ontario. They cater to clientele who have a whimsical and clever sense of taste and style. Each cookie, cupcake and custom cake is an original work of art designed just for you! They use only the freshest and finest ingredients baked from scratch...and created with a whole lotta lovin'. I'm linking to Lesley's Signs, Signs.


  1. Cupcakes sure are popular these days.

  2. Yeah, what is it with cupcakes? :-D I'm not sure what to make of the sign... but at least she doesn't have the dimensions of a Barbie doll! :-D
    (I'd like to add a sign to my post later... but not sure if I can fit it in...)

  3. That reads suspiciously like a copy of their advertising copy! :D

  4. Cute sign.

    Cupcakes are an alternative for carb lovers (like me) who just can't justify buying a layer cake. Pricewise, they've got carb junkies where they want 'em: hungry. I buy them infrequently enough that it's a treat, not a financial hemorrhage.

  5. This is a great looking sign that looks like it could sell lots of cupcakes. If you are worried about the price, they are easy to make at home, and probably better than you can buy.

  6. I will admit, I never understood the appeal of cupcakes...
    and then you meet HER!

  7. My daughter in-law is a Professional Cake designer.

    She makes cupcakes also. Nice to have one in the family.

  8. I tried to get into the Lesley Signs Andy. I see you got in. Andy Canada. I posted my image in my post first.Then put in all the info that was necessary.
    I filled in the enter. Some how it wont load my picture in. It said may take time. And hour to load is a fairly long time to wait.

    There is another loader one can use. I seen that but I have to join it I think. Which loader did you use. The first choice. I have commented here so thought maybe I can get you here. I see know email to ask you a question.
    In your profile Andy.

    1. I don't know why you have trouble linking up to Lesley's Signs. I just fill in the form and click on Submit Link. I suggest you leave Lesley a comment explaining your problem.

  9. Justfinishedbkfst and I'm hungry again! Nice retro sign.


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