Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mini Barn

Andy | Thursday, November 29, 2012 | Best Blogger Tips

It's seen better days but is still standing.


  1. Looks like it is still in use. Is it normal to have so much old barns in your neighborhood.

  2. There's some rough looking barns in Ontario and they seemed to have been in use for ever.

  3. Still standing. So true. But for how long, I'm asking you.

    Nice. Romantic. I think.

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  4. Wow! Look at that mailbox all deco up.Love the barn.

    I do know the farther you go out of your area. You have roads of farmland and Barns. Lucky

    Do you ever head up to Stouffvile line on the 10th line that is barns .My sister and her hubby owned the farm on the right over the wee bridge road it is near the cemetary the 10th. Her son runs it now. Big red barn and the old brick house. I think they have the mailbox up. McKeans. He has cows. Since my sister passed away and hubby. I have not been up. That farm house is old. My sister's father in-law had it first. So For sure it is old,old.

    Do you ever go as far as Haugens Chicken and Barbecue Place to eat in Port Pperry. Down

    the road not far from there. We used to go to the fleemarket near Haggies it since has

    closed down.I loved that place. Oh Andy you should take some pictures of Haugens. A little place but everyone

    in the world it seems goes there to eat.We have. Isnt that food to die for.

    You are in the heart of many barns, places. Photography Land.

    Allot of my folks live in Uxbridge area also. Are you familar with that area. Alot of barns there. That is all farm area those old roads off the main drags.

    My niece has a horse farm in Uxbridge a throw away from the food chain of stores in new part of Uxbridge. She wont mine me telling. Her farm is well known. I live too far away from them all. I live in Country. My nearest Mall is Lindsey. They did all come yp to our 50th Anniversary. Hard for farmers to break away. To get people to do their chores.

    New Era Farms Inc
    6th Conc

    Her farm house alone is a 100 years old.

  5. I'm also pretty amazed it looks like it's still used! I like the contrast between the weathered, ramshackle barn and that spiffy, painted mailbox.

  6. I hope it continues to stay up. Nice shot!

  7. While the mailbox is bright and pretty, that barn won't last long with a roof in poor shape. Water gets into the building and the structure rots. Good contrast.

  8. Fantastic old barn! I like the mailbox, too. It really stands out against the barn!

  9. That sure is a cute mailbox up front.


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