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Popular as a houseplant at Christmas


Four weeks until Christmas.


  1. Here in Florida we plant them in our yards ;).

  2. You're a photographer, Andy, 'cause you know how to shoot flowers. Nice and colorful, too!

    I'll echo Daniellle's comment: We had lots of poinsettias growing in our back yard at our old house in Ocala. They are poisonous to some animals, though, so we had to watch that our dog did not try to eat them! Provided lovely Xmas color.

  3. Since we're going to Germany this year, I'm not sure if I'll buy one. But if I see one on special, I probably won't be able to resist! :)

  4. i hope to get a poinsettia soon. they are so pretty. i need to work on my green thumb though. ha. ha!!

    hey, i have a Christmas giveaway going on at my blog ... please be sure to stop by. have a great week. ( :

  5. Morning Andy,

    These are lovely Poinsettia's. Like your first click and last so plentiful of reds close up. Lovel!

    My hubby bought me a pot last week with other leafy plants added in the pot of green varations with a nice burgundy pot. I love it.

    Oh Andy another four weeks. Where did Fall go. I have started to bake shortbreads.

    We have had snow the last three days. You too?

    Love your picture today of all the reds. Perfect takes.

    You have a good day Andy.

    Stay warm it is cold here.

  6. These are so traditional; can't imagine a holiday without these showy plants.

  7. A plant for a few weeks like a christmas tree. I don't see them in summer

  8. I love seeing these around the holidays - beautiful pops of red here! (Is it truly a few weeks to Xmas, time goes by faster every year.)

  9. Ah, yes! Christmas is fast approaching. :)

  10. I was having a fine time until I saw the "four weeks until Christmas" part. Spoilsport!

    Great shots and no, I'm not remotely ready.


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