Saturday, May 25, 2013

American Standard Mill: Cambridge, Ontario - Panorama

Andy | Saturday, May 25, 2013 | | Best Blogger Tips

This four-storey limestone building on the Speed River was initially built in 1847 by Jacob Hespeler as a stone grist and flour mill. During the twentieth century, the former mill site has had a variety of names. The owners have been American Standard since 1969, now a division of Wabco Standard Drain. The mill dam and adjacent "Jacob’s Landing" park are a great place to view this historic stone mill. The plan is to renovate the building for condominiums.


  1. Love the wide angle. Fantastic shot! I'm from Stratford and I love seeing photos from that area.

  2. thanks for stopping by my post today. and your header is so true. i got my first digital camera in Feb 2002, a tiny cheap point and shoot... my life changed forever, i found a world i had never seen... now I see, truly see.
    Love the bride in boots, the baby chick, and your past 5 posts, which I viewed and read...

  3. The American Standard plant in west-end Toronto has been converted to rental apartments and they are now building condos on some of the property.

  4. The perspective is wonderful, I like how the falls lead your eyes to the mill and church.

    I love buildings like this and I'd rather see them converted to condos than being torn down.

  5. Breathtaking! I love the composition.

  6. Nice work. I wonder if Jacob's Landing is the starting place for Jacob's ladder?


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