Friday, May 24, 2013

Hiking Trail

Andy | Friday, May 24, 2013 | | Best Blogger Tips

It's just me showing off as I hold a post up with only my elbow. :-)


  1. It's a tough job - but you make it looks so easy. I hope you enjoyed the hike.

  2. You doesn't look too tired, so go on.

  3. Nice portrait Andy. Also funny that it says 1 km on the post where you expect 1 mile. But it is already a time ago that that changed isn't it.

  4. I so enjoy your photographs Andy big time. So you hold that pole up, tee, hee.

    Behind you is very pretty walking path so looking forward at what you have next to show. I enjoyed the

    wedding pictures the other day.

    Oh please drop by my blog. My young son managed to surprise me with his family

    project on the weekend.

    I am not fimilar as the garden he has done. I am from the old school. Big gardens

    and you kill yourself weeding. His looks great. He wont have alot of over abundance

    of too many veggies. That will go to waste.

  5. Well, you're doing a fine job of being held up by the post! You are in a very beautiful area.

  6. It certainly looks like a well-used trail.

  7. And I was going to ask who that fine looking gentleman was before I read your comment. Looks like a nice place for a walk.

  8. I'd like to see the before the snapshot rushing over to the post and striking a casual pose as if you've been there all along. ;) It sure looks spontaneous. Good job.

  9. I would love to wander down that rutted lane.


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