Friday, August 02, 2013

The Bike & The Flowers

Andy | Friday, August 02, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

A bike turned into a flower basket holder.


  1. I love these old bikes used as planters. Wow - this one is really yellow!

    1. Karen it's the best yellow paint in Canada... made in China of course. ☂☂

  2. What a great picture Andy! Superb. The colors are outstanding and I love the way the background kind of fades away!

    And yes, it's the same Eugene Melnyk who owns whatever you said he owns.

  3. I LOVE this, Andy! A super(cycle) idea. ;-)

  4. Living in bicycle-country I absolutely like this idea!

  5. That's really eye catching! Nice shot.

  6. What a nice scene. The flowers really brighten up things. But, they must make it hard to ride the bike.

  7. What a clever and cheerful use of a past-its-prime bicycle! I think that I want a bright red bike for riding...


  8. At the dump yesterday talking about bikes and you showing this one. Hubby comes home and said a guy came into the country dump.The Dump has a a shed so whatever one does not really want to throw away it placed in there. This guy brought in 6 bran new adults and kids bikes.

    My friend said did Sid and Dave pick them up. I said no. She said no why?

    Don't you and Sid want them. Then I said to her. Not really. You go get them. She said her

    neighbours would.

    Neighbors fix kids bikes up to take them to kids who needs bikes. I said that is a fab idea

    perhaps your neighbour should go as they are bran new .

    So maybe he will. Anyhow a pretty yellow bike for a planter.


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