Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wise As An Owl

Andy | Wednesday, August 07, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

This is the easy way to photograph an owl.


  1. Easy is good. I've not had much luck photographing owls in the wild! Whooooo is this owl?

  2. I would love to see an owl. This is fantastic!

  3. I am fascinated by owls. Because you can rarely see them in the wild, they are so beautifully mysterious and we certainly write wonderful tales about them.

  4. Oh wow! What a beauty!
    I've never caught a real owl on camera, easy to photograph or otherwise!

  5. I would agree and this is a big one!

  6. Wow! You don't realize how big they really are until you see them up close!

  7. Oh an owl when I was a kid an owl like this beauty flew in my bedroom window and sat on the

    stairs going from my room. I called my brother he captured it and put in a cage and then let

    it out .

    Since then I love owls. We have one around here. He has huge wings spand and he flys swift.

    I am so amazed as how they turn the end around.

    Nice take. Oh Andy I am loss as what camera you use. I use a Kodak camera which I had asked for as hubby bought me a dock to set it on after I take pictures . So I do not have to think running out . My first camera got stolen on a cruise. So then my daughter had bought me and her hubby this one I mentioned. I do like it as it is tiny. I can slip in a pocket or carry it.

    I went for a walk yesterday and took opne picture of lake as I passed but sun went in but stil

    l nice and then second picture to our friends quaint place for tea and cake. How can one stay slim.

    So yes I meant what I said about your picture taking. For me to learn all the wonders on a

    camera . I am not a picture savvy like you Andy. Plus your a real trooper to go everywhere to

    get your fab shots. Your an early bird like my hubby even though he is retired. He can not

    sleep in. He is up at 6 o'clock. I am up at 7 in week and sometimes real late Sat morning.

    Have a good day my friend.

  8. It does make it easier, I'll give you that.

  9. What a magnificent specimen! Was this young man from a bird-rescue organization? He seems to be telling people about the owl. Oh, wait, if I squint I can see "Centre for the Conservation of Specialized Species" on his shirt. Question answered.
    Super photo, Andy, especially the feathers. Great detail.


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