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Jumbo was billed as the largest elephant in the world. He was the star attraction at “The Greatest Show on Earth,” the Barnum & Bailey Circus that was performing in St. Thomas, Ontario when he was struck and killed by a train locomotive on September 15, 1885.


In his memory, the townspeople commisioned Winston Bronnum of Sussex, New Brunswick to consruct this life sized statue made of concret and steel reenforcing rods. The Jumbo statue was unveiled June 28, 1985 in St. Thomas.


  1. Wow didn't realized he was so big.

  2. Boy, he is BIG. I never realized they used African elephants (as opposed to Indian elephants) in circuses, since I thought they were not tamable.

  3. Oh my - that IS big. I don't think I ever heard this story before.

  4. Wow.. I had no idea about this history. Cool.

  5. Andy....He is awesome. It is amazing how real he looks. So sad he got hit by a train. He must have been naughty and went off for a walk. He is one HUGE animal. Don’t think he would make it thru the boardwalk at our Beartown :-)


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