Thursday, January 24, 2013

WWII Fighter Planes

Andy | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

Life size model of a German 1944 Messerschmitt ME 109 G. Created by Ian Baron owner of Model "A" Acres Bed & Breakfast. There's a mannequin dressed like Adolf Galland, smoking his cigar at the controls.


This model of a 1944 Spitfire Mk 1X is also a recreation by Ian Baron. In Ian's own words "The construction techniques are a lot more complex and it is a much bigger plane. I finished the Spitfire in the summer of 2009."


  1. What dedication and amazing craft! I've never seen either types of machine so close up.

  2. Awesome old machines and a completely different strategy for fighting a war.

  3. I just heard a radio piece about a fellow's quest (I think he's British) to dig up a bunch of spitfires that were supposedly buried in Myanmar at the end of WWII.

  4. I also heard the NPR broadcast about the Myanmar Spitfire quest. I wonder if he knows the man who is responsible for crafting this aircraft?

  5. I would not have expected this at the B&B!!
    I hope you were not out on the 401 tonight. That looked a very nasty drive and so many cars involved in the pile up.


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