Sunday, March 03, 2013

Treat Me Right

Andy | Sunday, March 03, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

Can't you see that I'm lonely?
Restore me, I need Your mercy.
Take me to the place I used to be.
Use all the pain and the hurt
To do a greater work and restore me.


  1. Beautiful car Andy. I would say a car with teeth and not looking so bad after so many years he was born.

  2. I couldn't nail down the year exactly without some research. It looks like a '54 Dodge Desoto. Did you see this in Sask. Andy or is it a transplant?

    1. For you Wayne and everyone else the inquired... believe it or not this old car was photographed in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  3. It would take a lot of work to this one back to where it used to be. Saskatchewan. ;)

    I do love old rusty vehicles.

  4. My first thought too: the grill looks like a row of teeth. Funny how we seem to personalise things..

  5. We have lots of old car lovers in our region who could give this puppy some TLC. Too bad it's so far away. (Yeah. I wouldn't mind a little restoration, either.)

  6. Cool photo and poem. I like the license plate. Was this in Sask or somewhere else?

  7. Poor old guy, but it's a beauty - one can tell even after all these years!

  8. Looks like it needs more than a little work to be restored to its former glory, but I'm sure it's worth it to any classic car lover.

  9. oooh cute car. looks like he could start talking any moment!!


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